OWL series was unified

Old OWL series was unified to "OWL New package ".

" OWL Full set version " & " OWL option No.1 & 2 " will not update from now on.

If you have
" OWL Full set version "(300L$) and " OWL option No.2 "(50L)


" OWL "(100L$) and " OWL option No.1 "(200L$)and " OWL option No.2 "(50L$)

, and you desire future upgrade, contact to An Ballinger please.

TINY LOVE will send new update-BOX of "OWL New package ".


How to "Update-BOX"

This report is explanation of how to use your Update-box.

Step 1) Please search "Update System"

Please find an update system that the signboard is black and white in TINY LOVE main stores.
If you want to investigates, touch your Update-BOX.
A number of new version is written to lower right of the goods box on stores.

Step 2) Please put your "Update-BOX" on ground

Please put a "Update-BOX" of your goods on ground on less than 20M.
Automatic return is set to the store.
Please do all work within 4 minutes.
You can redo from the biginning by rez again until update work is started.

Step 3) Your "Update-BOX" will start to check existence of a new version

This work of "Update-BOX" need from 10 seconds to 1 minute.
If SL is unstable then, update later plz.

Step 4) When your box color change to green

There is a new version of the item.
When there is not a new version, your box say "No update.".
If "No update.", take your box.

Step 5) Please put all prims of you want to update items into "Update-BOX"

This picture is Owl.
The required items is a attach items.
It is not necessary to put in a description and a package.

Step 6) The portion of a red circlle is the required number of items

Step 7) When you put your old items into "Update-BOX", the number will decrease

When this box update, your items will lost.
Please donot put in your itmes which is unrelated to update.
The your items put in into the box is not secured.
Usually, when the wrong item is put in, your items will return.
Please be sure to accept.
Please do not use "open" command of a box.
Your "Update-BOX" will not be able to use again.

Step8) When you put in the right items

When you put in the all right items, the box will change color to blue.
Please wait a few minutes.
In the meantime, please do not move your box.
It is necessity about 1 minute at this delivery.

Step 9) Please accept a new version

Please accept a new version.
If you refuse or you have an accident, your new vesion will lost.
When your goods can copy goods, TINY LOVE will be able to support.
However your goods can not copy, your new version will lost forever.
If you have "NO COPY" goods and uneasiness, send IM to An Ballinger.
I will cope update individually.


TINY avatar No.7 " Cockatiel "




TINY avatar No.7

" Cockatiel "





This AO uses 15 animations.

MONO scripts is used.


@ When you push the "PageDown"key, your tiny will pose.

@ Standing pose of this tiny will change five patterns.

@ When walking, footprints will remain.

@ Running(Ctrl + r), sand cloud soars.

@ When falling down or jumping, feather dances.

@ When you takeoff, you will make a flapping sound.

@ The tiny's eyes blink, periodically.

@ When you go AFK, your tiny's eyes will shut.

@ Animation protector(AP) be used.

Selling place