Away from Second life

Thank you everytime.

I cann't login SL during about a month.
If you send IM or message to me in February, I will not be able to reply.
Probably then I think that I will be able to send my response after passing the end of February.

I hope to meet everyone again.
Good see you for some time.


TINY LOVE store of Japan07 region close

Thank you every time everyone

TINY LOVE store of Japan07 region close because of the region close.
There are TINY LOVE store in other region.
When you use TINY LOVE store, please go to other stores.

Good bye Japan07 ;_;


Object No.1 " Perch for TINY "

Object No.1
Chair " Perch for TINY"

@ This goods is a perch for TINY.
@ This perch is used sculptedprims.
@ The number of prims is six.
@ And it will change form young leaves when you touch it.
@ When you sit down or stand up from the perch, a leaf will fall drop.
@ There are seven kind of TINY animation.
@ The animations is for bird TINY, however it can use also by general TINies.
@ Human type avatar can sit this perch, however the animations will not work.
@ The number which can be sat down is six presons.
* The package is not included the owl.

Selling place