Chicken Hen was update Ver1.01

An's Brand ☆Tiny LOVE☆
TINY avatar No.8
" Chicken Hen " 

Vertion up note.

Ver 1.0 > Ver 1.01
* The parmission of Hen's parts other than Hen' head and Update-Box is change to you can copy.
If you lost your goods other than a Hen's head and Update-Box, TINY LOVE will be able to corresponds .

If you want to update the new version, please use your Update-Box near Update-System in TINY LOVE main store.
When your Update-Box don't work or if you have uneasiness with your items can't Copy, please send IM to An Ballinger in in-world.
TINY LOVE can correspond individually.
How to use Update-Box?

Main store of TINY LOVE

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