TINY avatar No.8 " Hen "

TINY avatar No.8 " Hen "




This TINY avatar is High Grade TINY avatar(HGTA).
HGTA is finely made to details.
The care is molding, animation, script.
HGTA has a own characteristic function.And each TINY avatar has a theme.
The Rooster and Hen have different functions.

[ Features ]
@ Sculpted prims is used almost all parts.
@ This AO uses 32 animations.
@ When you fly, spread it's wings. When you stay into the sea, this avatar will swim.
@ When you are flying, you will make a flapping sound and your toes will move.
@ When you push the "PageDown"key, your tiny will pick food.
@ The eyes blink, periodically.
@ When you go AFK, your eyes will shut.
@ When you talk, you mouth will move and talk with voice.
@ When falling down or jumping, feather dances.
@ When you do some action, sound comes out.
@ Standing pose of this tiny will change five patterns.
@ Action when landing have some patterns.
@ When walking, footprints will remain.
@ Running(Ctrl + r), sand cloud soars.
@ When you do some action turn s, an effect is displayed.
@ You can choose a message of operation explanation in English or Japanease.
@ The prims attach position is adjusted automatic to optimal position when you reset this av.
@ TINY LOVE Breeder system be used.
@ TINY LOVE Animation protector(AP) be used.
@ MONO scripts is used.

:::The function of only a hen:::
@ You can propose to other a rooster.
@ You can lay your egg.
@ When you have successed your or rooster courtshiping, you may be able to lay your child.
Your child color is dependent on parents color, the child of the same color is not born.And a new kind is sometimes born.

************* OTHER STUFF: *************

* This Hen avatar's head parts and Update-Box can't be Copy, Mod and Trans for Bleed-system.
Other parts can only Copy.
* Your childs does not secure by TINY LOVE, even if childs not born or this items have bugs.
* Hen's childs can't be copy, mod, trans. Rooster or other people can't receive.
* I recommand your depiction setup of objects above between mid and high. If your setup is below mid, this tiny's molding will collapse.
* Animation protector(AP) is TINY LOVE original system for TINY av that it protects your tiny body from human or general animations. You will be able to dance or drive with human animation!
* However AP system isn't a perfect system. Sometimes the tiny body may collapse by animations, gesture, chair, vehicle or objects.
* Other tiny clothes may not be able to wear.
* Of course this avs is PG.

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