TINY avatar No.8 " Rooster "

TINY avatar No.8 " Rooster "




This TINY avatar is High Grade TINY avatar(HGTA).
HGTA is finely made to details.
The care is molding, animation, script.
HGTA has a own characteristic function.And each TINY avatar has a theme.
The Rooster and Hen have different functions.
[ Features ]
@ Sculpted prims is used almost all parts.
@ This AO uses 32 animations.
@ When you fly, spread it's wings. When you stay into the sea, this avatar will swim.
@ When you are flying, you will make a flapping sound and your toes will move.
@ When you push the "PageDown"key, your tiny will pick food.
@ The eyes blink, periodically.
@ When you go AFK, your eyes will shut.
@ When you talk, you mouth will move and talk with voice.
@ When falling down or jumping, feather dances.
@ When you do some action, sound comes out.
@ Standing pose of this tiny will change five patterns.
@ Action when landing have some patterns.
@ When walking, footprints will remain.
@ Running(Ctrl + r), sand cloud soars.
@ When you do some action turn s, an effect is displayed.
@ You can choose a message of operation explanation in English or Japanease.
@ The prims attach position is adjusted automatic to optimal position when you reset this av.
@ TINY LOVE Breeder system be used.
@ TINY LOVE Animation protector(AP) be used.
@ MONO scripts is used.

:::The function of only a rooster:::
@ You can crow.
@ You can attack other man.
@ You can propose to other a hen.
************* OTHER STUFF: *************
* Now SL have some bugs or problems. If you lost TINY LOVE items, TINY LOVE can't guarantee your NO COPY itmes.
* The tiny body may collapse by animations, gesture, chair, vehicle or objects.
* Other tiny clothes may not be able to wear because this tiny is a little fat.
* If you or you staying SIM have many lag, donot use or torn OFF option. Sand cloud will have many lag.
* I recommand your depiction setup of objects above between mid and high. If your setup is below mid, this tiny's molding will collapse.
* The attack system is a kind of kidding. Don't make someone unpleasant.
* Hen's childs can't be copy, mod, trans. Rooster or other people can't receive.
* Of course this avs is PG.

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